Proudly serving the voters Orange County 

Working Hard For You

Supervisor of Elections :  Bill Cowles

I am pleased to share with you that I WILL be seeking re-election as your Supervisor of Elections, this year.  Currently, I have drawn one opponent. May I, once again, count on your support to help me get off to a strong start by providing a financial contribution now and your vote this fall?

You and all voters, in Orange County, deserve the very best each and every election.  The challenges for our office for this election and beyond are numerous; from threats of cyber-attacks, close election results, our County’s growth, to the 2021 redistricting of the State and County.  Meeting these types of challenges and maintaining this level of service can only be achieved from years of dedication to the election process working with, and for, the voters.  These are reasons why I have decided to seek re-election.

 I truly appreciate and look forward to your continued support.​

                                                                                                                  - Bill Cowles